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Are You Switched On ?

How you deal, adapt and respond to change is crucial in business.

Mind-field Training offers a wide range of coaching and training programs to suit your needs. All our coaches hold Master NLP Practitioner qualifications and have been specifically trained in advanced skills and techniques to facilitate rapid change. The high quality skills and applications are engaged to deliver information in a simple, effective yet dynamic way to give you results.

Your state of mind determines your behaviour and different states will create different behaviours. Creating a positive mindset will have a direct impact on you and your business performance.

Are You Switched ON..?


COMMUNICATION – verbal and non-verbal is our existence.
We actively communicate within ourselves and externally with everything around us every second of every day whether it is conscious or unconscious; verbally or non-verbally.

Words are powerful. Body language is powerful. Facial expressions are powerful.

What we see; what we hear; how we feel; what we smell and taste is an integral part of our everyday lives externally and internally.

How we choose to process the information (seeing; hearing; feeling; smelling; tasting) affects our next reaction or response to a certain thing; person and situation. The mind and body are one system. We process all information through our senses. We already have all the resources we need or we can create them. Therefore, there are no un-resourceful people, only un-resourceful states.

Mind-field Training will take the time to treat each individual company prescriptively. At Mind-field Training we work openly and clearly to build secure working relationships with you to allow us to design the specific outcomes required efficiently. At Mind-field Training we offer transferable skills enabling client independence within the organisation.

All over the world, NLP is being used in the corporate field and individuals and their businesses are being trained in NLP techniques that give them a leading edge in communication

Mind-field Training believes that all individuals and businesses should have the opportunity to learn and use the NLP techniques in the workplace. Because in business, effective communication is vital and by ensuring that each individual in your business knows how to communicate effectively this means that your organisation can achieve its full business potential.
Mind-field Training offers bespoke coaching programs for individuals and businesses in addition to corporate training.

The concepts and techniques of NLP will give you practical transferable tools to:

• Develop your creativity and visionary skills
• Innovate successful interventions
• Increase your flexibility of thinking
• Diagnose organisational issues
• Build excellent rapport with colleagues and customers
• Explore and Expand your use of language
• Build excellent relationships in business
• Understand your management strategies
• Motivate and inspire yourself and others
• Deliver outstanding business results
• Evaluate your position effectively
• Turn ideas into actions
• Improve the way you and your business communicate on all levels
• Time management delegation
• Paying exquisite attention by improving your Listening Skills
• Increased Motivation for you and your business
• Influencing with Integrity
• Create Achievable Timelines
• Change Self Limiting Beliefs
• Facilitate effective change processes
• Enhance Team Delivery
• Integrate teams successfully
• Manage organisational change
• Develop individual competency

Mind-field Training offers bespoke coaching programs for individuals and businesses in addition to corporate training. We take the time to get to know you and your business and find the solution in order to take action.
Each module covers any necessary theory plus demonstrations and practical applications. The skills you learn can be used immediately to improve and enhance your performance, personally and within your business.

We do limit the number of delegates per program to ensure you receive exquisite attention from our trainers and all your questions are answered.