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Meet our team of tutors and see how we can help you achieve your goals.


Penny Hawkins


Adv Dip Hyp. MRSPH. GHR Reg. SQHP. NRH. LNLP. Cert Ed. Accredited Supervisor BPS

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Licensed Master NLP Practitioner & Life Coach
Director and owner of Mind-Field Training

Penny is a professionally qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist; Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner and also an accredited therapist for Anxiety UK
She gained her Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy within The Clinical Hypnosis Institute where she worked and tutored until August 2004 and her Master NLP practitioner with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna in May 2008.

Penny has over twenty two years experience in complimentary therapies and holds Full membership with The Hypnotherapy Society; Holds the Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice; General Hypnotherapy Register; ANLP professional member and listed under the NHS list for Alternative and Complimentary Therapists. Passionate and enthusiastic about her work, she says" I want to make a difference with people and their lives by bringing heightened knowledge and awareness of Hypnotherapy & NLP nationwide, to demonstrate just how powerful the dynamic techniques and skills of these therapies can be used personally and professionally"


David Ward


Adv.dip Hyp. Advanced Past Life Regression Therapist

Dave is a Clinical Hypnotherapist registered with the HA and GHR.
He has over twenty two years experience in the field of communication and Hypnotherapy specializing in Past Life Regression therapy and the Cognitive, analytical approaches within hypnosis. Supporting the progression of hypnosis in the field and contributing to updating knowledge and course material ensures that our training is the best it can be.  His enthusiasm for helping others to maximize their potential is commendable and he is a valued member of the team at Mind-field Training. Dave is the manager for South West School of Clinical Hypnotherapy and the Chair for the SWSCH CPD group in the South West (Devon)





Dr. Nick Parmar


Nick is a Clinical Hypnotherapist registered with both NHS and BUPA and the HA (The Hypnotherapy Association) and is accredited by the British Medical Examination Board.
He specialised in both child and adult medical conditions especially Bulimia, Anorexia and Weight Control. He is on the National Register for I.B.S. therapists and National Register of Smoking Cessation Therapists, and is a member of the National Eating Disorder Association. He runs a Self Help Group in Welwyn for people with eating disorders and treats both NHS and Private Patients. He is a regular contributor on Hypnosis to the 'In Balance Magazine' and broadcasts on Spectrum Radio on issues regarding Healthy Lifestyles. He is Scientific Advisor to Members of Parliament.